Differential and Pinion Skid Plate

Pinion Skid plateWe've talked about anti-wrap bars, and Toyota front axle gussets. Notice anything else about this picture? Besides the bright yellow bumpstops of course!

The front differential has a full skid plate that goes out far enough it protexts the driveshaft mount and pinion! It looks to me like it's a thick piece of plate steel bent to the same curve as the differential mounting flange.

The front axle side is mounted via welding to the axle housing, and the pinion end of it has a u-bolt that goes around the differential.

The real question: Is the skid plate strong enough to take the full weight of the Toyota it's helping to protect? Possibly. That at least would be a direct upward force. It looks from the picture that the differntial armor is also being used as a mounting point for the anti-wrap bar as well.

It's hard to tell if the unit has been trail tested. It still looks pretty shiny and there's no scratches on it....

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