Twin Stick Transfer Case Shifter

One of the most annoying things when you're out on the trail is having to stop between obstacles to shift your Toytoa transfer case from low range up to high range, and then back down to low range at the next obstacle. I have to do this because I built my own square long travel driveshaft. It's as strong as stink, but even though I thought I was careful building it, I ended up with a pretty good wobble. I don't like going faster than about 15 mph in 4wd.

Because of this, a twin stick shifter has always been appealing to me. This allows you to shift in and out of 2wd and 4wd independantly from shifting between high range and low range. The obvious advantage for Toyota owner's like me is that I can flip it out of 4wd into 2wd inbewteen obstacles without having to stop to put it into high range.

Since I was cheap enough to build my own driveshaft and put up with wobble, don't expect that I'll pay the $149 required to get a commercially built twin-stick shifter from Trail Gear.

That's when I came across this post on Pirate4x4: Homebrew Twin Stick

He used a chunk of 3x2 suare tubing, used some 1/2 inch stock for the shifters, and used retired stock front shackles for the shift prongs!

Here's the post:

And for those who like to compare, here's the Trail Gear Twin Stick