Modify Hinges for Quick Release

Modified Toyota door hingeI finally found a post on modifying your door hinges so that you can quickly swap to your half doors, or remove your Toyota doors all together!

The picture on the left shows the door side of the modified Toyota door hinges. He leaves the bottom bolt out, and just uses the top bolt.

The top hinge bolt hole (on the door side of the hinge, not the truck side) is modified into a slot. When the top bolt in both hinges is loosened a few turns, the whole door can be lifted up off the hinges.

If you have set of half-doors for your Toyota, just put the top hinge bolts most of the way into the doors, and then lower the doors into the slots. Tighten the bolts, and you're done!

This thread also discusses the other method of drilling out the door hinge pin, and replacing it with a quick release pull out latch.

modified quick release toyota door hingeAnd another method for building your own Toyota quick release door hinges, is to drill out the hinge bolt. Replace the hinge bolt with a longer bolt that sticks out the bottom about a half inch. This allows you to lower the whole door onto the truck side of the hinge. Gravity keeps the hinges in place.

Warning: The main problem with this style of hinge is that if you have to open the door in anything but a truck-upright position, the door will fall off the hinges. Just keep that in mind next time you're crawling out of your rolled over Toyota 4x4. Nothing like dropping a door on your head to add insult to injury!