Toyota Trekker

Toyota TrekkerThe Toyota Trekker is as elusive as the sasquatch or Loch Ness monster! The Trekker was a pre-cursor to the 4-runner.

It consisted of a 1981-1983 Toyota Pickup Truck with a fiberglass canopy screwed to the body, and sealed to be watertight. It was not removeable like the first generation 4runner tops. There was also a small bench seat in the back, and the rear area (what used ot be the box) was carpeted.

When searching online for info, all that came up was a few for sale ads for a trekker, and this Wikipedia entry that is 2 sentences long.

"The Toyota Trekker was a hybrid truck-and sport utility vehicle that shared the same components of the Toyota Hilux. The truck was equipped with a rear bench seat and a camper shell. The Trekker was replaced in 1984 by the Toyota 4Runner, another variant of the Hilux. Other variants were sold as the Toyota TrailBlazer and the Toyota Winnebago." source:

Toyota Winnebago only turns up huge ugly results like this one:Toyota Winnebago