Twin Stick Shifter

Trail-Gear Twin StickA twin stick shifter is a replacement lever for your Toyota transfer case. Toyota built their 4 cylinder transfer case in such a way that the original lever can be replaced with two levers side by side. This allows one lever to be the high and low range selector, and the other lever to be the two and four wheel drive selector.

The offroad advantage of this is significant. If you find yourself in a tight space, and escpecially if you have a locker in your front axle, simply disengage four wheel drive to turn tighter corners. Rather than the old method of having to stop the vehicle to shift into high range 2 wheel drive, you can just flip the 4wd/2wd lever while still moving. This also allows for slow speed manuevering rather than being in hi-range.

Here is a comparison of 2 different Toyota twinstick shifters.

Trail gear also has their own twin stick and has a good listing of what Toyota transmission and transfer case combinations it works with: