Upgrading Your Knuckle Studs

Toyota KnuckleIf you're running bigger tires and/or some type of hydro assist, you've probably noticed the knuckle studs on your Toyota 4x4 get loose after a few wheeling trips.

However, if you've torqued the nuts to the proper specs, it isn't your knuckle studs loosening, it's actually your knuckle studs stretching. The Toyota steering arm is held on by the stretching force caused by the nut being tightened against the steering arm.

With the extra forces exerted on them from bigger tires and steering upgades, the studs get stretched beyond the point of return, and need to be re-tightened and stretched some more. You can imagine a few times through this stretching and tightening sequence the studs will finally give in and stretch.

A relatively inexpensive way to replace the 12mm studs with a larger stronger stud is to use the studs that mount most Dana 44 steering arms. Here's how.