Toyota Rust : Public Enemy Number 1

You don't have to own a Toyota very long, or any other vehicle for that matter, to know that rust can be a major issue. Rust problems can grow faster and be even worse in areas that have the roads salted often, in areas near the ocean, or in areas that have a lot of rain.

There are some options when it comes to preventing rust on your Toyota Truck or 4runner.

The first step is to remove as much rust as you can. Use a wire wheel or brush or even a grinder. If there is enough metal left behind the rust, don`t stop until you see clean bare metal.

Next, use a rust convertor of some sort to convert any remaining rust into a paintable surface.

Finally, prime and paint all bare metal, damaged paint, scratches, anything that could cause some rust cancer to start.

It may seem a little overwhelming. What I like to do is prime and paint any pieces I take off while repairing and working on my truck. If you`re anything like me, it won`t take long and most of your truck will be painted!

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